Sabers, and Rifles, and Flags! Oh My!

Janie Spalding, Writer

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The Military Ball is a time-honored tradition within the AFROTC program, spanning from dancing to cuisine, and formal dresses to the “Grog”. Some people may just think that it’s just a formal even for the members of the military program to let loose and have fun, but there are rules and procedures that are required to be followed.

As members prepare for this event, Tyler Renn and a few other colleagues organize the script for the formal presentation, along with creating seating charts, finding caterers, and seeking out the most important thing: the DJ.

Certain rules have to be followed, which is typical for a military event, and a formal dance is no exception.

According to Sean Motz, a senior, “The military ball is formal, but still laid back to a certain extent. Too much relaxing and cadets get called out to drink the ‘Grog’.” The “Grog” is a mixture of beverages and liquids (non-alcoholic) that form a disgusting concoction to serve as an enforcer for formal procedures at the ball. The Military Ball is February 2nd and is being held at the Officer’s and Civilian’s Club on Redstone Arsenal.

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