SETC v Prom: The Struggle to Choose


Tori Weldon, Writer

Senior Prom.

Most students have spent their entire lives looking forward to that magical night filled with anticipation and excitement.  What am I going to wear? Who should I ask? How will he ask me?

TV shows and movies have glorified the event, but it is a special night involving a great deal of planning.

One group of students will have to make a tough decision this year.  Attend the awards ceremony at SETC or attend prom.

The awards ceremony at SETC is the crowning event for the Bob Jones Patriot Players in the competition play.  And prom is, well, prom.

Cue horror music.

Senior Carter Palek said, “In a perfect world, I wish I could be able to do both, but I took on a big commitment when I ran for President and I have to honor that.”

For others, it is still a difficult decision. Prom. SETC. Senior Prom. SETC awards. 

Whether  these seniors choose to go to prom or to attend the SETC awards, students will have a special night filled with antipation, excitement, and the hopes that the hard work has paid off.