Drumming Up For Success

Kaitlin Fiscus, Writer

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Imagine getting music for a competition just two weeks before the competition takes place.  Seems preposterous, right?

Not for the Bob Jones Drumline.  The “pit” received music as recently as January 14th.

Despite the drawbacks of getting their music so close to competition, members of the drum line remained optimistic. Coming in at second place, their first competition took place on January 26th in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  “The show [depicted] the beginnings of a new life,” said Matt Chan.

A new life it is indeed for the drum line after losing their old instructor, Keith Anderson, and gaining their new one, Leigh Thomas.  Senior and pianist, Laura Stephens said, “I think Ms. Thomas is doing a very good job on both the level of work and on relating to students.”

The show has been described as darker than years past, but that may be just what the drum line needs to win this year.

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