Seeing is Believing

Miranda Wright

Visual representations are becoming a new favorite in AP English this year. There are more visual aids that are used to explain themes and ideas then ever before. The teachers are rather fond of this idea, because it engages their class and develops their views on subject at hand.

AP Literature teacher, Mrs. Powell, stated “I think having the students make representations helps them use critical thinking and communication skills that are helpful, and serves as practice for further understandings.” One of her all time favorite visuals were done by a former student. They portrayed the idea of vanity in the book “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. It stood out to her because the artist explained the different levels of the piece, and they related it back to the students and the stages they were going through.

The visual aids are also being accepted by students. Senior, Rebecca Passer, said, “Doing the projects helps me understand the theme of the stories.”

Visual aids are being used more and more by teachers because they are interactive and keep the students attention. The AP English classes are just the beginning of an idea that will spread throughout the school.