A Multicultural Bob Jones

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A Multicultural Bob Jones

Mrs. Faris' AP Human Geography Class

Jessie Deiss, Editor, Writer

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Walking down the hallways of Bob Jones High School it is evident that there a blend of several different cultures. Palestinian, Lebanese, Indian, African American, Asian:the list of all the different cultures present in Bob Jones goes on and on.

Are we beginning to expand to Morocco?

This collaboration of Bob Jones and Morocco started when Mrs. Faris and a Peace Corps member decided to try to create some sort of exchange between Moroccan students and Bob Jones students. In an attempt to learn more about each other’s cultures, there have already been several video exchanges over Youtube and series of written correspondences.

Helping to further the diverse blend culture in Bob Jones is crucial in many ways.

Mrs. Faris said the program is mainly “an application of our learning and students becoming the disseminators of ideas globally” that helps the students learn “appreciation of diversity, respect and understanding of others.”

So how does this help Bob Jones as a whole?

According to Diversity Digest, a learning environment rich in cultural diversity provides a student with many beneficial skills and mindsets, helping with “the student’s academic development…level of cultural awareness, and commitment to promoting racial understanding.”

While the benefits of furthering cultural diversity are numerous, the project is still in a developing stage that has plenty of room to grow exponentially, hopefully expanding to several other countries.