HOSA Heroes

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HOSA Heroes

Josh Norris, Writer

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The HOSA organization–Health Occupation Students of America–has been in existence since 1976. According to their website, HOSA.org, their mission is “to build a pipeline of qualified students to pursue health professions”.

I don’t know about any other schools, but based on the amount of our students who placed in the State HOSA Leadership Conference, Bob Jones seems to be doing a good job to help build that pipeline. According to Mrs. Lawson, Bob Jones’ HOSA Sponsor, Arab and Sparkman are the toughest competition around, and after the conference, I think it’s clear that Bob Jones is no joke either. Emily Montoya, a senior, says that in order to prepare themselves, HOSA competitors, “looked at the guidelines, and studied based on them.”

The aforementioned competition has a ridiculous amount of areas that students can compete in–I counted 31 before I got tired–and, armed with their well-studied guidelines, several Bob Jones kids placed.


First Place:

Kalifa Springfield – Dental Terminology

Courtney Walker  – Medical Math

Aliyah Kennedy – Biotechnology

Annie Kovach, David Lee, Shravya Utlapali, and Meena Barkakam – Creative Problem Solving;

Ramya Molleti, Heather Zuo, and Ally Heng – Public Service Announcement


Second Place:

Josh Walz – Pathophysiology


Third Place:

Alexis Helton Extemporaneous Writing

Meghana Gaini, Alyssa Karl, Katrina Hatch, and Katie Kovach – Public Health.


Emily Montoya, a senior, says that in order to prepare she, ”looked at the guidelines and studied based on that.”