3, 2, 1… PROM!!!!!


Laura Pate

Devon Whitfield, a senior, getting the final fit for his tux.

Janie Spalding, Writer

Prom is only a few days away, and many students are still fine-tuning their plans.  Whether it’s getting a tux fitted, or ordering your tickets, a ton of planning goes into just a few hours on a Saturday night.

Just to give an example of what you may be forgetting for prom, here are a few things:

–       Paying for tickets

–       Finding a date

–       Making a reservation

–       Getting a tux/dress

–       Making sure the tux and dress compliment each other

–       Ordering a boutonniere/corsage

–       Making sure the boutonniere and corsage compliment each other

–       Making appointments to get nails and hair done

And those are just a few!

“My girlfriend and I went to order the corsage and boutonniere, and when we got there, I had no idea what I was doing. She ended up having to order both of them,” says Brian Cantrell, a senior.

The theme for prom is still unknown but many rumors are floating about the student population.

“My boyfriend and I think that it’s Mardi Gras, but we keep hearing that it’s Cirque de Soleil,” comments Laura Pate, a senior.

It has even been rumored to be a masquerade!

The only way these rumors will stop fluttering about, is when the tickets get handed out.