Zombie Prom: An Alternative to Traditional Prom

Jessica Gallagher

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While Bob Jones was hosting its own prom at the Von Braun Center, there was an apocalypse happening at Lowe Mill.

On Saturday, World Conspiracy hosted its 18th anniversary party, crowning their 6th Zombie King and Queen. All the attendees were decked out in zombie customs, looking like they walked off the set of The Walking Dead. The zombie couple that won were decked out in their zombie apparel, the queen holding her intestine like every great zombie queen should.

The entire lower level of Lowe Mill was decorated to a T with Zombie decorations while zombie movies playing on the walls. Your Perfect Party, the group in charge of planning the prom, did an exceptional job with the laser and light show along with the DJ, playing every kind of bumping and grinding music you need for a good ole zombie throwdown.

While this alternative choice  may not be regular prom, everyone there was enjoying themselves. Anna Bouchard said,”This was way better than my regular prom!” This could be an alternative to regular prom for some students. Next year be on the look out for zombie prom; maybe you can be a zombie king or queen.