Demented Dolls and Fiery Phoenixes


Kennedy Booker

A collage of the drumline and winter guard.

Janie Spalding, Writer, Photographer

This past weekend, both the Bob Jones Drumline and the Winter Guard embarked on an adventure. The Winter Guard went to the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit (otherwise known as SCGC for short) to compete for the gold.

Their show is about a little girl, played by Ashley Raby, who goes “Into the Attic”–the name of the show–and finds a multitude of abandoned toys. She finds joy in these toys and begins to play with them, but slowly they begin to turn on her.

The show, “Into the Attic,” won a silver medal, and they will be continuing on into the next competition.

Now on the other hand, the Drumline’s show is an inspiring story about life, death, and rebirth. “From the Ashes” was the theme, and, with brightly colored feathers and shredded t-shirts in hand, they scorched the competition by winning first place.

“We leave for WGI World Championships next Wednesday, where we will compete against over 30 drumlines from all over the country,” commented the drumline director, Leigh Thomas. “We are excited to push through this week, clean some things up, and push for the finish line.  I could not be more proud of the students for taking on the challenge of this show and showing an extreme amount of dedication. This indoor drumline season has definitely been an experience to remember.”