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Students at a Model UN conference in Germany

Armon Mobasher, Writer

Have you heard of Model UN?  Do not worry, you are in good company.  Model UN is comprised of the future leaders of America. These future leaders know everything there is to know about politics.  Model UN allows these students to exercise their historical and political knowledge, as well as further their problem solving skills.

Model UN lets high school students participate in simulated United Nations conferences to propose solutions to current international problems.  Students are assigned their own countries, and they must analyze and debate current issues concerning their countries.

According to Mr. Hoyle, a teacher at Bob Jones and a sponsor of Model UN, “These conferences are set up to be just like a regular UN conference.  If you have an interest in political science and international politics or are interested in things like public speaking and debate, this is a great place to develop those skills.”

Jordan Cozby, a sophomore at Bob Jones and a current member of Model UN, stated, “Model UN gives students the opportunity to learn in-depth about international policy and diplomacy.”

Mr. Seeley, another teacher at Bob Jones and a sponsor of Model UN, stated, “Joining Model UN is a wonderful networking opportunity.”

There are informational meetings on Thursday, August 29.  Those who are interested can show up to either of two meetings: one in the morning at 7:30 am and the other in the afternoon after school.