NSSHS… Just Another Club?


Armon Mobasher and Thomas Harper

Mrs. Newell hugging Abraham Lincoln in front of the American flag

Armon Mobasher, Writer, Photograher

Are you a history buff?  Are you considering majoring in social studies?  If so, the National Social Studies Honor Society (NSSHS) is the club for you.  It is the only club at Bob Jones that recognizes students for excellence in social studies.

If you are interested in joining, you need to have a weighted grade point average of 4.0 in social studies courses and a grade point average of 3.5 overall.  All students looking to join are required to have two credits in social studies courses.

The idea for NSSHS originated from Morgan Price, a senior at Bob Jones.  Mrs. Faris, a social studies teacher at Bob Jones, explained, “I was approached by Morgan Price about NSSHS at the end of last year. We both agreed that this organization was perfect for Bob Jones.”

The club will be dubbed “The Newell Chapter,” in honor of Mrs. Newell, the renowned Bob Jones AP United States History teacher.

Mrs. Faris explained, “Mrs. Newell is one of the best teachers at Bob Jones.  We wanted to honor her since she is retiring at the end of this year.”

Jade Chambers, a senior at Bob Jones, said, “I am curious to see what the members do in that club. I would probably join if I had more time.”

Ernesto Rodriquez, a senior at Bob Jones, said, “This organization is good for people who are into history and other areas of social studies.  It will be a fun organization to join.”  Ernesto looks to become a member of the club as soon as he can.

Mrs. Faris is excited about the NSSHS.  She said, “The NSSHS will give a voice to students who love history and other areas of social studies.”

If you are interested in the National Social Studies Honor Society, make sure you pick up an application from either Mrs. Newell’s classroom in N111 or Mrs. Faris’s classroom in C115.