The Face is Their Canvas

Patriot face painting

Kayla Carden, Editor

There is a notable divide between the art and athletic departments of Bob Jones. Wouldn’t it be amazing if both of the departments came together? Could you imagine the product of such a powerful alliance?

The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is making it happen—by taking their art to the football games. “I had a former student approach me asking if there were some students who would do face painting at the football games.  The NAHS members were excited at the prospect and made it happen,” Mrs. Robin Lakso, art teacher and NAHS advisor, says. Now, at every home game we have for the rest of the year, the NAHS members will have a table at the games and will give students some awesome face art.

The National Art Honor Society members must do eight hours of service revolving around art, so you can help them get in hours this way. Plus, you’re bound to get some cool designs to flash at the games.

Be on the lookout for them at the Sparkman game. You can’t miss out on such a momentous meeting of football and face painting!