iPhones vs. Androids


Deshaun Williams

iPhone and Android sitting side by side

Deshaun Williams, Writer

Have you ever overheard people in the classroom arguing about their phone preferences? Of course, you have.  It seems to happen everyday.

“I personally like the iPhone better because it doesn’t die fast, and it has better apps on it,” Kameron Sauter, an Android user, explained. He also mentioned that he has an Android because “it was the only thing I could get at the time.”

“These phones are always being compared to each other because it is like a competition between the two, and these companies are the cream of the crop as far as phones go,” Cory Isbell, an iPhone user, remarks. He also mentioned that he has an Android simply because there are “many different types of phones that are tied with Androids.” (Basically saying that all IPhones look the same, but Androids have different designs for their phones.)

“I honestly don’t care that all of the iPhones look the same. I have about 15 different phone cases for my iPhone to separate the look of mine from all of the other ones,”  Amber Wilson, who has an iPhone, explained.

It all just depends on what you like and there technically isn’t a “right” or “wrong” answer when the topic “Androids vs. iPhones” comes up.