Bob Jones Is Throwing It Back This Thursday

50's girls with the bad biker girl from the 70's in the middle

Siri Rossly, Writer

“In middle school I was a preppy kid and wore polo shirts and khaki shorts every day,” said Dylan Haraway, captain of the Bob Jones football team.

Thursday, October 10, 2013, is #tbt at Bob Jones.  This stands for Throwback Thursday, one of the many days on which students dress extravagantly in honor of homecoming.

The concept of Throwback Thursday is to wear clothes representing a time period of the past.  Some wear throw it back to a time only one year ago, while others throw it back to a time decades ago.  When senior Stephanie Holden was asked how she was planning to dress on Thursday, she answered, “In scrubs because of clinicals, but if I didn’t have clinicals, I would wear a poodle skirt!”

Ashlynn Swaney plans to wear a baby costume.  Some students say they expect to see more people dressing like they’re from a different decade, rather than like a child.

#TBT or #throwbackthursday are popular tags used in social media, like Instagram and Twitter, when people post pictures from last year or just last week.

Instagram is a popular app with over 100 million users. This is where Throwback Thursday originated, along with Man crush Monday(#MCM), Transformation Tuesday(#TransformationTuesday), Woman crush Wednesday(#WCW), Flashback Friday and Saturday/Sunday selfie. People from all over the world use these tags in their Instagram and Twitter posts to make ordinary days of the week a little more exciting.