Say Hola to the International Festival

The world’s beautiful to look at and learn about

Kayla Carden, Editor

Hola, bonjour, salve, hallo! See all that? That’s culture. Even though Bob Jones has a flourishing world language department, there are still so many of us stuck in the same rut of the increasingly predictable American lifestyle.

International Festival to the rescue! As announced, on Thursday, November 21st, Bob Jones is holding its annual International Festival at 6:30 P.M. in the auditorium. The different language departments (French, Latin, Spanish, and German) are sponsoring the event, giving out awesome food, and putting on spectacular performances. Other worldwide cultures will also exhibit their traditions, and it’s open to the entire community.

As the French club’s site says, there will be the traditional crêpe cooking table (thin pancakes that can have pretty much any delicious topping) and a can-can dance performance. Latin students have said they’ll be reading classic myths and poetry and offering baklava. It’s likely that, as with last year’s festival, the German club is putting on some skits and giving out food like bratwurst. The Spanish club is likely performing some songs and, yes, offering a wide selection of food. Did I mention the food? Seriously, even if you don’t care about all of the performances, at least come for the smorgasbord.

Considering this isn’t their first time at the rodeo (or maybe this is a bull fighting match?), the International Festival is expected to be a hit. Junior Crystal Ganatra, a regular attendant of the event, says, “I can’t have just one favorite part [of the Festival]; the food is great and the performances are always really funny.”

Everyone always has fun; Kali Biddlecombe, a Latin club member and participant, says she looks forward to helping perform on Thursday. “The performances are [my favorite part],” she says.

The posters throughout the halls tell you the vitals: tickets are being sold throughout the week during lunch for only $5. Wait, seriously? Students can get heaps of delicacies and a night of entertainment for only $5?

Hasta la vista, guys, I’m getting my ticket right now!