How to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Angle on the tree tradition.

Kameron Sauter

Angle on the tree tradition.

Kameron Sauter, Writer

Are you having trouble getting in the holiday spirit?

Don’t worry, there are bountiful ways to get into the season.

According to, “Holiday decorations, music and festivities surround us this time of year. People are busy decorating, sending cards, buying presents, playing holiday music and attending holiday parties,” stated Dr. Michelle Gannon.

 What do you do if you are just not into the holiday spirit this year? Enjoy all the fun activities that you can do enjoy the music, the beautiful lights everyone hangs on their house, and wear holiday sweaters that your grandma made for you.

Armon Mobasher, a sophomore at Bob Jones, said he listens to Mr.Parker’s announcements to get into the holiday spirit.

Timothy McCarter, also a sophomore at Bob Jones, stated that listening to music and hanging out with friends and family always gets him into the season’s festivities.

Deshaun Williams, a senior at Bob Jones, said he thinks about being with family and friends to get in the holiday spirit.

 Everyone has their favorite holiday song or tradition that they do. Does your family have holiday tradition they do every year?  For example baking cookies, sending cards, or putting the star on top of the Christmas tree.

How will you get into this holiday season and which tradition will you pass on to your family?

There alot of fun things to help kids and less fortunate people like go to a food drive on Christmas for dinner or donate cereal at Bob Jones in the lunch room and front office. Remember its not all about getting  gifts, and it’s better to give then to receive a gift.

There are many ways to put a smile on the less fortunate people. Think about how you can help someone this year and maybe donate a coat, cereal, food to a good cause this holiday season.