A Rome-mantic February


Patrick Brady

Melissa and Biagio share a touching moment.

Patrick Brady, Writer

Well, that time of year is finally coming around again. It’s the time to show that special someone that you really care for them.
Whether it is your boy/girlfriend, that cutie from across the room that you’ve had a crush on for a while now or even just a good friend who needs some cheering up, the Latin Club is here for you!
From February 3rd to the 7th you will be able to buy roses in the cafeteria during lunch.
Students can chose from several prewritten Latin phrases of love, or pay an extra dollar for their very own customized phrase that Mr. Congo’s AP students will translate into Latin.
Flowers cost $1 dollar each, and the custom translation is an extra dollar onto the entire order.
Paige Hulgin says her favorite Latin phrase is ‘amor vincit omnia,’ which translates to the old saying ‘love conquers all’. When asked about how elaborate can the customized Latin phrases be, Hulgin responded with, “Honestly, as elaborate as the person wants, but as a courtesy to the AP Latin students, hopefully not too difficult.”
When talking with other students about their wishes for Valentine’s Day, Mia Hulgin said the following: “Hopefully this year I get flowers from that special guy! Fingers are crossed, maybe it’ll be a super romantic Latin phrase, and I’m planning on buying a few with some choice sayings for a couple of friends of mine that I love.”
Mr. Congo, the Latin teacher, says that there is a chance that sales may continue onto the 11th and 12th of February. All profits from the sales will be going to the funding of the Latin Convention trip this April. With all the upcoming love going around  the air this year, make sure to get yours quick before there isn’t any left.