Are You a Scaredy Cat?


This is where you would get your tickets. the tickets are 20- 30 dollars. If you have a group of 15 then it will be 17 dollars in all, for paying for the whole group. The VIP ticket is 30 dollars.

Julia Colligan, Writer

Do like being scared? Well, if you do, there are many haunted houses around North Alabama. They are huge attractions around here, and there are at least five within an hour or two’s drive. You could also go pick a pumpkin or go to a corn maze.

Kathryn Jolliffee went to Arx Mortis, which is is a haunted house. One can play laser tag with clowns, eat at the venue, and buy cool items from the Arx Mortis gift shop. Jollifee said, “I went to Arx Mortis. It was really fun. My favorite part was the hospital. It was really scary.”

Amanda Colligan went to The Haunted Corn Maze. Actors in costume who may or may not be carrying chain saws chase lost people around the cornfield. Colligan got so scared she didn’t want to ever go back, recalling that “the scariest thing I went to was a corn maze. The whole thing was the scariest… I can’t pick one thing.  It was all just so scary.”

If haunted houses and corn mazes are just too much for you, you can go pick out a pumpkin at Tate Farms or Lyons Farm. Picking pumpkins is always fun, and both of those places are great for photos.

Also, there is always trick or treating. Dress up and have fun! If you are a stay-at-home type of person, then you could go to the store, buy some candy, go home, and pass it out to children. Joshua English, a freshman, doesn’t feel he is too old for trick or treating. Maybe you’ll put together a costume and trick-or-treat yourself.

Whatever you do for Halloween, you should have fun and be safe.  Here are a few places that might interest you:

Haunted Houses and Pumpkin Farms

• Arx Mortis: 4051 Hwy. 72, Killen, AL 35645

• The Maze of Terror: 5879 Titus Road, Titus, AL

• The Haunted Chicken House and Hay Ride: 7522 Hwy 431, Heflin, AL

• Tate Farms: 8414 Moores Mill Rd, Meridianville, AL 35759

• Lester Hospital: 30338 Lester Rd, Lester, AL 35647

For more information on scary entertainment, here’s a link: