Enrichment Day 2016


Serena Davis, Writer

According to The Bob Jones Website, on April 19, while Sophomores are taking the ASPIRE and Juniors are taking the ACT, Freshmen and Seniors will participate in Enrichment Day.

There are nine different ways you can participate in Enrichment Day:

  1. You can visit any college or business of your choice. For it to count as your Enrichment Day activity, you need to have documentation of your visit.
  2. Another way to participate is by Independent Community Service. This means  performing any community service can count as your Enrichment Day activity. Documentation of this service must be provided to your Advisory teacher on April 21.
  3. A School-Sponsored Community Service is a option. School buses will transport the students who chose this activity, to and from the organization on April 19. These services will be performed  between 8:15 – 11:15, and students will get to go home home after.
  4. Students may visit an Educational/Historical Site. For it to count students must provide documentation of their visit to their Advisory teacher on April 21.
  5. Students may request an enrichment assignment. The assignment must be turned into their first block teacher on April 21.
  6. AP Study Session is a good way for AP students to study for their upcoming exams. This will happen on April 19 at the school, between 8:15 – 11:15.
  7. Co-op students will attend their place of work as usual.
  8. Dual enrolled students will attend their college classes as usual.
  9. Any employed student may go to their place of work on April 19. Make sure to provide your work’s title, phone number, and signature.

You can participate in any of these activities between now and April 19th.

“I chose to go to the art museum because I love art and I might want to pursue a career in it,” Sammy Siwko said.

Deborah Sheng, a freshmen at Bob Jones, stated, “I chose the AP study group because I thought it would be the smartest option to chose, since exams are coming up soon and it would be good practice.”

During this time, teachers will be overseeing the test, chaperoning students that are participating in Enrichment Day, and monitoring the halls.

Mrs. Panagos said that during Enrichment Day she will be “giving the ASPIRE test in a computer lab somewhere.”

“I will be administering the ACT test to juniors,”  said Mrs. Murray, an English teacher at Bob Jones.

No matter what you choose to do on Enrichment Day, remember to have fun.