International Fest 2016


Gracie Poehlman, Writer

One day after the world was projected to end, Bob Jones will celebrate the diversity of American culture.

International Fest is a Bob Jones tradition dating back several years, where the foreign language clubs band together to produce an immersive experience, complete with singing, dancing, fashion, and food.

There will be a fashion show and a 10-act talent show.

French Club will be making crepes and performing the Can-Can.

German Club will be providing cakes and cookies, and will be putting on the skit “The Musicians of Bremen” this year.

Latin Club will be performing the “Myth of Medusa,” and providing Bread Salad.

Spanish Club will be providing various Spanish and Mexican foods.

The festivities start at 6:30 and continue to around 8:30 Wednesday, November 9th. Tickets are $5 either in the cafeteria or at the door.