Finding Your Fit at Bob Jones


Megan Sheehan, Writer

On Tuesday, the upcoming freshmen visited Bob Jones for the first time. They might be feeling overwhelmed as they are bombarded with schedules and classes. However, high school is more than just education. Clubs, organizations, and teams help students meet new people and have fun while enriching their education. No matter if you are an upcoming freshman or you have been at Bob Jones for years, there is a place for everyone.

One great option for all students is to join an honors society. There are many honors societies for a variety of subjects, including National English Honors Society, National Honors Society, and Mu Alpha Theta.

Ashley Turner, secretary for National English Honors Society stated, “Although honors societies look great for college applications, there are many other reasons to join. They get you involved in the school as well as the community. I like honors societies because I’m surrounded by individuals who are like-minded.”

Students can also take part in clubs where they can explore their passions with others or learn something new. Members consist of people with no experience to people who have been taking part in the activity their entire lives. An example of this is the crochet club.

“The crochet club is fun because you can learn how to make lots of different things like hats, scarves, or even blankets. Students should join if they want to expand their crafting knowledge or if they just want to learn something new and meet new people,” commented Claire O’Neal, a crochet club member.

Even if you are not crafty, there is a club for almost every interest. If you are interested in exercise and martial arts, you may want to look into the taekwondo club. This organization also is available to students of all levels of experience.

“Taekwondo is extremely enjoyable. I’ve gained lots of confidence and made lots of new friends. I love exercising and practicing together. Anyone who wants a good high school experience should join! We do lots in and out of school. It’s totally worth it!” expressed Morgan Hargrove, a taekwondo club member.

Another great opportunity for students is the Patriot Greenpower Racing Team. The racing team utilizes mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering to design and race custom cars.

Elizabeth Kasparzak, a Greenpower Racing Team member stated, “I like green power racing because I’m able to touch base on the different types of engineering and even do something I never thought I would be interested in- driving. Students should join because green power gives you a good understanding of what engineering is and you are able to work with people with similar interests.”

There is a spot at Bob Jones for every student to fit in, no matter what your interests. I challenge every student to try to find their fit at Bob Jones!