NASA H.U.N.C.H Culinary Competition

Marissa Plunk, Writer and Photographer

The Bob Jones Culinary Arts Competition Team has been one of ten teams selected to compete at the NASA H.U.N.C.H Culinary Competition. This national level competition will feature five Bob Jones Students who will compete on April 20, at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

H.U.N.C.H stands for High School Students United with Nasa to Create Hardware and this is the first ever time Bob Jones has competed in a competition of this sorts. The culinary arts challenge was to create a dessert, which had to meet certain nutrition and packaging requirements, to be packaged for space. The winning team of the National competition will receive their team’s recipe in a cookbook and the food will be sent into outer space for the astronauts to enjoy.

After months of effort creating recipes to fit nutritional criteria for the food, learning about MREs and space food packaging, and a qualifying competition at the Davidson Space Center, our very own Bob Jones team is on their way to the next level. However, qualifying for this national competition was not an easy task. Through our combined efforts our team has flourished under the challenge. Out of the eleven teams at the Davidson Space Center, only three teams selected for the national competition taking place at the Johnson Space Center.

Although we are well on our way many obstacles still remain. Traveling expenses require fundraising, especially with only a few weeks notice. The Culinary Arts teacher Mrs. Creekmore along the help of the culinary students have been baking bread to help raise funds to sponsor students to go on to the National Competition in Houston Texas. Throughout these weeks bake sales to school members and 20 for 20 letters have been our main methods of funding, along with a few donations.  Students and staff have been pleased with how “sweet and reasonably priced” our three homemade bread recipes and cinnamon rolls have been. These “phenomenal treats” are great outlets for raising funds as well.

The Bob Jones Competition team has only a few short weeks to create a two-minute video, write a paper on processing and packing food for space, perfect our dish, and raise over six thousand dollars for the overall trip expenses. Our Bob Jones Patriots will undoubtedly rise to the challenge and exceed expectations. We will do all that we can to travel above and beyond the stars.

Be sure to support your fellow Patriots by making purchases and donating.