New Beginnings at Madison Bible Church

Lily Hughes, Writer, Photographer

A long-awaited journey is nearing its end for the Madison Bible Church community. On September 28, the year-long construction of the MBCs new building, The Lydia Center, is finally over, allowing for a much larger youth room. Through the last few years, MBC has squeezed their beloved church family into the few classrooms the church was originally built with. Due to this, the youth have been residing in cold, cramped trailers outside of the church’s main building.

Despite this the students have kept up a smile, knowing that very soon they will be joking and learning in a modern, large room created with specific items that can be used to help ensure a better learning experience. The room consists of high ceilings, a stage, much-needed storage, a chalkboard wall and many more additions. Jay Hughes, the youth pastor, inputs his opinion on the new center. “This is the first opportunity that students at our church have had to have space for themselves. It’s very exciting for our whole church family.”

“It’s great that we don’t have to share the space anymore,” Gracie Martin, a student at MBC, states. “We all have our own spaces now.” The new center will allow adult classes to meet in their own spaces as well, providing storage for youth tables, chairs, and game equipment. The youth group is constantly inviting new friends to the fun experience. Having the addition will allow for bigger game groups, as well as new games that involve movement.

Ashlee Sunderman, a sophomore of our very own Bob Jones, tells about her visiting experiences with the church and the youth group. “It’s great from what I’ve seen, which admittedly isn’t much. It seems like it will be a wonderful place for the youth group, and lots of fun!”

“I am excited to have a place where we can grow. I am so thankful for the place God has blessed us with.” Ellie Matthewson shares; she’s been attending Madison Bible Church for most of her life. During construction, the youth were allowed to enter the building and write their names, Bible verses and any other messages they wanted to add to inspire the construction crew as they started putting up drywall.

Being able to experience such a growth in the community is truly inspiring. MBC has traveled a rocky road to reach this point in their church life. But with the work nearly complete, they’re more excited than ever to open this new door into their life.