Talent Show or No?


Sarah Beth, Writer, Graphic Artist

Talent shows have been around a long time, but what do people really think about them? Several elementary schools and both middle schools in Madison City have talent shows. In a recent class survey including mixed grades at Bob Jones, 14 out of 17 people thought it was a good idea to have a talent show here at Bob Jones. One participant stated “It provides competition to everyone in the school aside from those who are in competitive sports/extracurricular activitiesThat is beneficial.” Most of the participants agreed with this statement.

So, what are the benefits to having a talent show? We have all seen talent shows on a national or even global scale. Nicole Murray, a teacher at Bob Jones, stated, “Some people feel they are only good at one or two things in life and talent shows provide them the opportunity to showcase their abilities. It is difficult to define talent until you see it. Shows like America’s Got Talent promote amazing individuals and groups every year. The talents displayed at talent shows inspires others to reach for their dreams and show the world. They are inspiring others around them to take chances and make a difference.” Whether you like America’s Got Talent or not, talent shows have helped many current celebrities to be discovered.

How would a talent show benefit Bob Jones? Well, think about all the students with amazing talents who don’t get to share what they love to do to other people. Olivia Waddell, a talent show contestant from last year, stated, “ I think talent shows are beneficial because they let students show off what they can do.” Another contestant from last year, Sydney Baumbach, stated, “Talent shows really reveal to the school certain talents that other students have; it is always fun to watch and discover a friend’s hidden gift. Talent shows are great for schools because they help you get to know people. Through a performance, you feel more connected with them.”

Mrs. Sylvia Lambert, Bob Jones principal, stated, “An organized talent show can be an entertaining and interesting event and can highlight talent. Many hours of effort, organization and practice must be done on the front end to prepare all of the participants and to even coach the participants. The downside is that sometimes the audience is not as supportive to all who participate.”

A talent show could also work to the school’s benefit. Bob Jones could have a fundraiser talent show. It would give the school funds for things like Patriot Path or painting the lines in the parking lot.

It would be great to have a talent show at Bob Jones again. Until then, there are local talent shows at Lowe Mill and some local coffee shops, but it’s not the same as performing for your friends at school.