Happy #STEMDay or Happy #STE(A)M Day!

Xiao Lin, Carl Yem, Alexander Huynh, John Paul DiPietro, Steven Satcher, and Kegan Beilstein

Happy #STEMDay or Happy #STE(A)M Day!

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math…

The Huntsville-Madison economy is driven by STEM careers. If your parent isn’t an engineer, well, chances are, you know someone who is. At Bob Jones, students can choose from courses like engineering, biomed, multimedia design, business tech applications, computer science, and cybersecurity. These courses allow students to sample career areas before college and even offer internships at local businesses. There are a multitude of AP courses like AP Physics and AP Calculus that also help prepare students for the academic rigor of college in these fields.

From the Bob Jones Multimedia Design students… Happy #STEMDay/#STEAMDay!

Disclaimer: This video was not technically sponsored by SKYNET. Or was it?