Theatre: It’s More Than Acting


Hayden Madison, Writer

Many people look at theatre as just another elective class, something to do for fun. What they don’t know is that theatre is much more than a class for acting. In fact, theatre teaches skills that apply in the real world and skills that help when applying for a job.

“I learned that if you are really open, welcoming, and outgoing, people will want to be your friend. I got more friends in that class,” said Carolina Mooring, a theatre student.

In a performing arts class, students learn the importance of working together and collaboration skills. It is required when working on a play or performance, that the students learn how to build a team and use teamwork to contribute to the success of the whole entire class. Another skill that is important throughout life would be “out of the box thinking skills.” These skills are learned in a improv environment when it is necessary to think quickly and on your feet.

Carolina also mentioned, “The class taught me how to memorize things, and me and my friends were allowed to act silly in the class because that is what was required.”

A theatre class teaches so many levels of dedication. With the necessary constant practice, memorization skills are a must-have and inevitably learned over time. The determination developed over time helps to set up success for in the future. Dedication is acquired through practice, and having a certain performance time teaches good work habits. When performing in a play or musical, accountability is important. You are taught how to be trustworthy and dependant, whether your lines are big or small they are an important piece to the production.

In summary, there are an endless amount of skills being put to use when in a performing arts class. If you haven’t been involved in theatre yet, consider taking the class to benefit personal skills and to just have fun.