Free at Last

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Free at Last

Douglas Zhang, Writer

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It’s that time of the year again. After nine grueling weeks of school work and suffering, Spring Break brings much needed relief. It’s that time when the kids finally let loose from the strains of classes and homework for a little personal time to enjoy their own hobbies or travel.

There are eleven days of Spring Break, and many ways to spend it, but the annual question of our generation is finding a good way to spend it.

Traveling to different places during any break is a common activity, but how many people are leaving town and where are they heading? A survey of Bob Jones students showed that a majority of 83.3% are staying home to relax, while only 16.7% of them are traveling.

Of those who decided to stay, junior Savannah Plume stated, “Spring Break is a time to stay in bed and play video games.”  Most students agree with the stance of relaxing and not doing much school work.

On the other hand, senior Sara Lin said, “I’ll use that time to study and make notes.” Of those  staying at home, it seems studying is a priority among the minority of students. Those students usually are taking advanced classes and use this time to gain an edge on their peers.

Those who decide to travel mostly like to travel south, down to places like Seaside and Gulf Shores. They seem to gravitate to beaches and other hot areas to escape the unrelenting cold that permeates this area’s weather recently.

There are a few people surveyed who are traveling far away. Audrey Harper is going to Boston, Taylor Theakston is heading to Los Angeles, Harrison Jackson is going to North Carolina and then the Smokey Mountains, Durant Thomas is heading to Detroit, and Annie Mayer is going to Mexico on a cruise.

Whether you decide to spend Spring Break at home in bed or up north, enjoy your time and have a happy, safe, and pleasant vacation!

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