Bob Jones: The Glowup

Jeremy Raper

-April 12, 2018. In 100+ days of this year thus far, we’ve already been through a wide range of memes: the Walmart yodeling kid, Kermit the frog, distracted boyfriend, soyoujustgonnagivemeabirthdaygiftonmybirthday, Oprah, and various Spongebob memes.

Our memes evolve every day, and this brings us to the recent “If you don’t love me at my ______, you don’t deserve me at my ______” meme. This meme has a more uplifting meaning. If people didn’t love us during our blasting Panic-At-The Disco-and All-Time-Low, emo, or flannel phase, then they definitely don’t deserve us now.

The Bob Jones students and staff had a fun time with this meme, with throwbacks to college, freshman year, middle school, and even elementary school.