Summer School: Is It Worth It?


Chenoa Gentle and Toni Glover

Many students grimace at the thought of having to spend their precious summer time taking classes. It might take extra time and extra money, but, believe it or not, summer school has more benefits than one might think. Things such as getting ahead in classes, learning more, and some classes are just easier to take in the summer.

The biggest benefit of going to summer school or taking classes during the summer is that you can catch up or even get ahead your classes. Taking classes during the summer clears up your school schedule, and opens up the opportunity for you to take more electives. If you would like, you could even have a shorter schedule to do things such as Co-Ed, Dual Enrollment, or just take the day off (also known as a free block).

Getting the opportunity to learn appeals more to the minority, but taking classes during the summer will open up the opportunity for you to learn more things that you would not be able to learn during the actual school year.  It also helps you in some of your future classes so you have a slight step up from everyone else.

Taking summer classes free up your following school year making your life easier. Everyone should probably take Driver’s Ed at some point, if only for the insurance discount. But during the school year, Driver’s Ed is nine weeks of pure boredom and study hall. Over the summer, it is just over a week of showing up at the school for about an hour to drive.

Driver’s Ed is not the only class that can benefit from being taken over the summer; it all depends on personal preference. English courses, math courses, history, biology, along with health and career prep classes are offered during the summer as well. These online classes eliminate the stress of taking it in school.

For any more questions contact the counselors up in the guidance office and look at the registration packet for course numbers!