The Cost of Being a Senior

The senior life is considered a life of luxury. Or is it?

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The Cost of Being a Senior

Ethan Ray, Writer

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Most underclassmen believe that seniors have it all in their favor; they get to eat outside during lunch, they get a picnic and breakfast, and they get out for summer earlier. What’s not to love?

A lot, actually. For starters, the work they are supplied is not easier. As it is their final year of school before moving on into the world, there is a much higher expectation for them to do well in classes, from both parents and teachers alike. Some may even have so many assignments that they get bogged down and may have to either time manage assignments, or try and multitask. The success rate may vary from person to person, but it still shows how much pressure seniors are under to get to their graduation.

Then there’s the entire graduation process. With all the keeping the cap and gown in good shape, a whole practice session (which, by the way, why), and the actual graduation session itself, seniors can become a bit overwhelmed by everything going on. They also have to be careful during graduation, as the smallest slip-up could be seen by everyone watching, even their own family. As such, seniors feel pressured to make sure they do the graduation walk welland not make any clumsy mistakes.

Additionally, in something of a correlation to the assignment workload mentioned before, this puts a damper on seniors who are actively involved in extracurricular activities. Because of their involvement, they may not have all the time in the world to work on assignments, and may have to work on them at home, even late into the night, draining them of energy needed for the next day. This constant cycle is an unhealthy habit, and is one of the causes of the great twelfth grade debacle many students go through: “Senioritis.”

All in all, while there are still several fun things seniors get to do, don’t be mistaken underclassmen. For every senior benefit, there is always a detracting takeaway. For juniors who are eager to be seniors, be careful to not procrastinate and to use your Google calendar to keep up with due dates and important events. 

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