An Interview with Dr. Bostick, the new College and Career Advisor

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An Interview with Dr. Bostick, the new College and Career Advisor

Cassie Volkin, Writer

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So, where are you from?

I am originally from a small town called Tautenwood, Alabama. It is near Dothan, Alabama, so south Alabama, near the Alabama and Florida line. You’ve probably been through it on your way to the beach.

Favorite college football team?

Alabama. My husband and I both graduated from Alabama, so roll tide!

Cool, and you have a doctorate, right? So did you go there for that?

No, I went to three different places to get my degree, but my undergraduate is from Alabama, and then my husband has a master’s in electrical engineering from Alabama.

How about favorite movie?

Oh gosh, favorite movie? I love Rudy, and I like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

What brought you here to be the College and Career Advisor?

Well, my husband received a job for the director of engineering for a company called Miltop, so that’s what brought us to Madison. We moved to Madison because of the good schools. I have a three year old little boy, so he’ll eventually go through the Madison City Schools system.

What’s his name?

William. He’s at Madison Academy right now because they have a three year old program, so hopefully next year he’ll get to go to pre-k there.

Is there anything else you want the student body to know about you?

Just that I’m excited to be here, and I’m excited to be the College and Career Advisor, and that if they need anything or have any questions, they can always email me or just stop by, and that my door is always open. I don’t want anybody to feel lost in the college process, or what should you do or what not to do; I’m just here to help everybody. So ya, I think I’m gonna be coming out to the courtyard sometimes, maybe during lunch, to get some questions from students. If anybody has any ideas, or anything they’d like to see here from me, just let me know!


The College and Career Center is located in the upstairs commons, between the cafe area and the library, and is open to students during lunch every day.