Student Travel: A Trip to Peru

Jake Munson

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Student Travel: A Trip to Peru

Jake Munson, Videographer

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Llamas? Count us in!

Interested in the July 2019 Peru trip? If you missed the informational meeting on August 23, you can just stop by and talk to Mrs. Castaneda in B217 about it. Payment plans are available for this 11-day trip!

Educational travel is more than just a sight-seeing tour; it allows students to see the sights while learning about another culture in rich detail. The guides on these trips can provide insight that go beyond normal tour guide books, and they can also answer questions as they arise.

These tours are also incredibly well-organized. Flights, lodging, transportation, meals, and of course, a detailed itinerary of daily activities are provided beforehand. The only items not included in the total price are a few lunches, tips, and personal spending money.

Mrs. Castaneda, a foreign language teacher, shared, “Immersing yourself in new cultures, surrounded by the people, the language, the food, their way of life creates unforgettable and inspirational moments that last a lifetime. Travel is a hands-on opportunity to expand our horizons, broaden our worldviews and perhaps teach us lifelong lessons to becoming better people along the journey and experience otherwise missed. Students gain perspective on the world as a whole and many times come to the realization that we are a global community with so much to learn from each other, while also gaining an appreciation for their own culture and uniqueness.”

For more information, see Mrs. Castaneda in B217 or email her at [email protected]

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