New ACT Prep: On to College


Lenora Lee, Writer

Sophomores and juniors in core classes are now using the new online ACT prep program, On to College.  Students can log in with this username and password:

Username: student MCS email
Password: BJPatriots#1

The new experience is said to ensure higher ACT scores within our school system and give students a better idea of what the ACT is like. Mrs. Lambert previously sent an email to parents informing them of the new program, along with an interest survey for them to fill out, which most students completed in class already. 

Opinions were split between students, with half saying they were interested and most of the other half unsure. Mackenzie Edwards said, “The more open doors, the better!” Most students agreed it could definitely be beneficial, but almost all of them said that too much test prep can be stressful. Isabella Moreno said, “I think it is important for students to prepare for tests, but I also think it could be overkill. Being too focused on test prep can neglect actual learning.”A  small portion said they didn’t like the new idea at all.  The majority of those who expressed some hesitation said it was “forced” and was “more work.” 

Most students surveyed said they most need improvement in math. Madeline Shrode explained, “The part that most people struggle with most on that test is the math portion, yet the actual test prep classes are taught by English teachers.” The On to College software, with the exception of history, will be used by teachers who actually teach that subject.

Mrs. Griffith, one of our guidance counselors, said, “The main reason behind the courses and the software is to improve students’ ACT scores. With a higher ACT score, students can receive more scholarship money and have more opportunities. Most schools in our state give out merit scholarships based upon GPA and ACT scores, not financial need.” She made it clear that she, and her fellow counseling center, want students to reach their full potential and take all the offers that could be handed to them. Mrs. Griffith suggested that “students need to start taking the ACT after completing Alg 2 w/ Trig. Do not wait until the April test date to begin taking the exam! In planning your courses for next year, consider taking the ACT Prep course and take advantage of the On To College website. Read, read and read during the breaks and summer vacation.”

With the addition of this new software, students can take test prep into their own hands. Boring or beneficial, sophomores and juniors will soon study for the test that will determine their future.