What is Humans of Bob Jones?


The Instagram account posts multiple student profiles.

Chenoa Gentle and Kafui Sakyi-Addo

What in the world is Humans of Bob Jones? Humans of Bob Jones is recreation of the famous Instagram account, Humans of New York. It is run by seniors Kafui Sakyi-Addo and Chenoa Gentle. Humans of New York is, as described in the bio, “New York City, one story at a time.” Patriot Pages’ very own Humans of Bob Jones is a way for students to learn more about, not only students they never met before, but also to learn new things about people they know.

In our own bio, we’ve described our account as ”a depiction of the Bob Jones High School 2018-2019 student body through pictures and questions.” During our interviews, we try and make our interviewee feel as comfortable as possible. We start off with a basic question like “What at Bob Jones has changed you?” and based on that answer we ask additional questions. We like to not ask a standard list of questions because we feel it is not catering to the student themselves, but to just a broad assumption. Depending on what they say or how to feel that Bob Jones has changed them, we ask similar questions. For example, we interviewed Catherine Merritt, a senior,  who mentioned her love for theater. We asked “Why is drama so important to you?” in which she replied, “Theater basically is the art of people. It is the art of life because you’re reenacting life together.”

Are you interested in being a part of Humans of Bob Jones? Much like everything that goes on in our school, it’s the result of a collaborative effort among students. Simply follow Humans of Bob Jones on Instagram and direct message us, or you can find one of us in the hallway and let us know that you’re interested in being interviewed. If in doubt, just go talk to Mrs. Panagos in room C126. Our interviews are about 10-30 minutes, you don’t have to bring anything but yourself, and we just ask that you come with an open mind. We want Humans of Bob Jones to be a way of learning things about your peers that you may not have known otherwise. Along with that, we plan on trying something new with our account this semester by integrating the use of IGTV. IGTV will allow us to upload videos of our interviews, as well as allowing people to see behind the scenes of the process. This brings an extra factor of more accurate quotes and a more personal and engaging experience versus only seeing three photos and two quotes.

We are always planning on expanding our knowledge of how to interview and learning the proper etiquette. Humans of Bob Jones is both a great way for us to better our skills as interviewers, build our confidence as journalists, and connect to students.