University of Alabama Engineering Patriot Path


Caroline Sassano, the University of Alabama Regional Recruiter for North Alabama, discusses some general application information.

Tiffany Wu, Contributor

As the end of of the school year approaches, it is time for juniors and seniors to consider their career options after they graduate. Many Bob Jones High School students are considering going to college to study their area of interest. During this past Patriot Path, representatives from the University of Alabama, located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, visited Bob Jones to tell our students about their engineering department. Dr. Bostick, the college and career advisor at Bob Jones, stated that the main purpose of this Patriot Path was to allow students to “gain exposure on what the engineering field looks like with the job possibilities” as well as “the kind of courses that [students] will take in college and just overall what engineering looks like at the college level.” She continued that even if you are not going to the University of Alabama, learning about the department “will give you an idea of what is offered at any school. So, if you’re going to Auburn University or Mississippi State University, you’ll be able to use that knowledge.”

The main speaker at this event, Samantha Proctor, was the Engineering Student Recruitment Coordinator from the University of Alabama. Proctor explained details about the engineering program at the University of Alabama and how each school can provide a unique experience. She stated, “I think Alabama’s program is one of the best in the nation, we offer so many opportunities outside of just pure academics that students don’t know about.” The program involved nationwide competitions, too, and she informed that the students at the University of Alabama are “national champions with astrobotics and our eco-car as well as faculty research with the students.” She suggested that students “should come for a visit” at the university in order to become more familiar with the programs as well as the environment before heading off to college.

Nyah De Deaux, a sophomore at Bob Jones who attended this Patriot Path session, stated, “I’m interested in engineering, so I just thought it would be informational especially for college.” Even in the future, she added, “I will probably go to upcoming college visits just to get information about scholarships and different college opportunities.”

If you missed this opportunity, do not worry because college representatives from all over will be visiting Bob Jones over the next few months. Dr. Bostick informed, “colleges are now signing up for February and March, not for Patriot Path, but at 3:00 p.m., and we have colleges signed up pretty much every day.” She also wants all students to “make sure you are on the college and career Google Classroom and are signing up for the college visits.”