Student 2 Student Valentine’s Social

Taylor Theakston, Writer

Bob Jones High School is continuously developing and new kids enroll in the school throughout each year. With the great number of students who arrive in this new place during any day of the year, it is crucial that we (as a school) are devoted to working to have a welcoming and accepting environment. This is why the Student 2 Student Club began this year. The club pushes to practice kindness and actions that will heighten a new student’s foremost days and even months of school at Bob Jones. From getting them acquainted with the school to building friendships and even introducing them to all the great activities the high school has to provide, their goals are always centered around aiding in the life of new students.

Their most recent event was the Valentine’s Day Social that took place during Patriot Path on Wednesday, February 13th. All new students since the club’s social in October were invited to join the party and experience meeting those just like them. The club set up the event in light of 14th. The decorations featured hearts and streamers, and the invites displayed welcoming text. The food and drink choices ranged from heart-shaped pizza to cookies and followed with lemonade and water. Student’s names were also placed in a drawing for Bob Jones High School gear as prizes. The most fun was had during the games that took place. The variety of festivities included group social games such as “Say Hey Name Game” and “Act Out A Machine Game.” The Patriot Path lent itself to a fun time had by all.

The goal of this social was to introduce a stress-free time to facilitate a place for students to enjoy having fun. Not only did this social grant an opportunity to let loose from the pressures of transitioning schools, but it also allowed the making of lifelong friendships. The Student 2 Student club also plans to maintain their relationships with the new students who attended to ensure students persist in positive surroundings where they feel appreciated and happy about being in a new school.