How To Entertain Yourself During Spring Break


Taylor Theakston, Writer

The third nine weeks of the school year has ended and that means it’s spring break! What is dreamed of as a time to go on vacation or relax away from school can also be a time of so much boredom. Whether you like to go with the flow or plan everything out, it is important to enjoy the break before facing another couple of months of school, so I have culminated a list of great things to try over the break if you are not planning to go on vacation.

Let’s get the most non-ideal out of the way: work more hours! While this may seem like a crazy idea and not too fun, think about the benefits. School is not there to add to the stress of your job, you have the opportunity to meet new people and help others, it keeps you from being cooped up in the house, and you can make extra money while you’re at it. It can lead to a great payoff to have a fun night out or a greater payday if you save your money.

Next, deep clean your room. Again, it does not seem like the most fun, but the aftermath is amazing. With the official start of spring, there is a huge spark to get clean and organized to stay happy and healthy. With nothing else to do, why not try it? The clean does not have to be massive or extensive, but it has been shown that keeping your space tidy increases a healthy mentality.

If most of your friends are out to the beach or another city, don’t fear! Treat yourself. Alone time is always a great thing to experience to get away from chaos and social pressures. With that extra money or free time you might have, take yourself on a night out shopping or eat at your favorite restaurant in town. You can also do pamper days at the salon or go to the gym and work on your fitness. Whether you are into watching movies or jamming to music, there is something out there that will fit a great time out by yourself.

Speaking of trying some alone time, try new things along with it. Without much to do or worry about, spring break is a great time to try out new skills, games, and movies. Spend the day watching Netflix shows you wouldn’t see yourself watching. Try out that new instrument or makeup look you saw on Instagram. With so many lists of hobbies to try online, the possibilities to find something you enjoy is endless!

If your friend group is looking to make the craziest memories over spring break, go for it! There are many shopping centers that offer great nights out, tons of new movies being released, multiple recreational centers, bowling, golf, and more! If the group tends to be more indecisive, then be the one to make the plan. Spending time with your friends can keep you happy and active, but sometimes it can be hard to think of things to do. I recommend thinking back on what some of your favorite memories are with your group and try things that are similar. If all else fails, find a park or cool building and enjoy the sunlight by having a mini photo shoot! There’s no hurt in making memories that can also go on Instagram, too.

There are so many things you can do over spring break, so don’t waste that free time off!