Hershey’s New Candy Plan


Emma Leigh Wright, Writer

Hershey’s has recently announced they are releasing two new Reese’s cups come early to mid April. One is a “Peanut Butter Lovers” cup. This delicious candy has more peanut butter filling than the original one, with a peanut butter candy shell on the top instead of the normal chocolate shell that the original Reese’s have. The other is “Chocolate Lovers” cup, which, contains more chocolate than the original one, featuring a thicker shell of richer, darker milk chocolate. 

The uppermost layer of the new “Peanut Butter Lovers” cup is made up from tiny, rich and crunchy Reese’s Pieces candy filling instead of the normal chocolate they use in their original Reese’s, making the top layer of the cup have more of a soft peanut butter taste. The “Chocolate Lovers” cup has double the chocolate compared to the original and contains less peanut butter filling, and the chocolate is more rich. This idea came from consumer input concerning which is the best part of the Reese’s cup, and the company is limiting online buyers to choosing one flavor to order. What side will you choose? Team Peanut Butter or Team Chocolate?