Get Lit With These Promposals

Yunona Shkolnikov, Writer

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Prom is just around the corner, and proposals have already started coming people’s way. Whether it’s a simple poster or something huge and creative, it’s just the fun of asking your date in the most extra way possible. It may seem embarrassing or nerve-wracking to do so, but have no fear: it will all be worth it in the end. For some inspiration, these students have agreed to share their proposals.

Ambra Cave, a junior, decided to ask her date in a unique way. “He was out of town for spring break with his family and I knew his car was just sitting on his driveway. I texted his parents if it was alright if I could put sticky notes all over his car to spell ‘Prom?’” Cave stated. The parents allowed her to plan this proposal, thinking about how hilarious and creative it was. With the help of her friends, she was able to cover the whole car with over 2600 sticky notes in only thirty minutes. “I knew they would come home around 5 pm, so we planned on meeting up at 3 pm because we thought it would take longer,” Cave shared. They decided to hide behind the car to surprise her date when he arrived. She says, “He thought it was hilarious, but then we had to end up cleaning the mess. It was so worth it though!”

Although this gesture was pretty big, some students try something simple such as an inside joke. Walker White, a senior, asked Alex Meyer to prom by cutting out pieces of paper in the shape of teeth. “He wanted to surprise me when he got his braces off and he also was trying to come up with a fun way to ask me to prom. So when he got his braces off he didn’t tell me and he surprised me after school with a new smile and an ask to prom! I was super excited because he had them on for [two and a half] years and it was a really creative way to ask me to prom. I’m super excited for prom with an amazing date and great friends!” Meyer shared.

Proposals do not have to be original. Many ideas can be found on social media like Pinterest or Instagram. For example, it can be a cheesy punchline followed with a gift relating to it or a more romantic gesture like flowers and candy. It could also match the theme of the dance, Garden of Lights. Whatever is most comfortable to ask your special someone.

Whether it’s your first or last prom, it’s highly recommended to go with someone, and it doesn’t have to be a date. Plan on going with a group of friends, and ask them with fun proposals as well. It’s an event where you can have fun with the people you want to be with the most. If school dances are not your thing, no judgment here. It’s up to you how you want to spend your few years of high school, but who knows, maybe going will be worth it because it will give you a fun memory to share when you’re older.