Pet of the Week: Freddy Mercury

Emma Leigh Wright, Writer

Freddy Mercury is one dog that’ll melt your heart! He has an amazing transformation from when he was first found at the shelter and taken in by FOR. He’s a very fun and playful boy! He’s about 8 months old and about 25 pounds. he’s pretty much full grown judging from his paw size. He has a ton of energy, he loves to run in the backyard, chase squirrels, and play with his foster sister. He does really well when it comes to baths, playing gentle, and going outside when he’s told to. He does not like to be alone, so a sibling or companion is best! he is 90% house trained and will go outside if you take him out frequently.

He’s up for adoption from Friends of Rescue. For any questions you may have or if you want more information, check out their facebook page for more information!