Library Appreciation Week

Jimmy Carter, Writer

This past week was Library Appreciation week around the World and here at Bob Jones. Bob Jones wanted to thank the library staff for letting the student of Bob Jones have a quiet place where they can do schoolwork, read books, and quietly socialize with friends.

To promote Library Appreciation week, the SGA sponsored a daily morning event, where if a student checked out a library book they would receive a free goodie, such as a brownie or a cookie. Along with that, students got the chance to write on a sticky note why they love the library and what it means to them. The sticky notes were then placed on the glass window in a shape of a heart to show Mrs. Huskey and the library staff how much the school appreciates having such a great library. On Friday the school did a competition to see which class during each block could check out the most books, and the winning classes received a prize.

All the students at Bob Jones appreciate everything that the Library does to help further our education, and last week was a week in which