Summer Volunteering at the Madison Public Library


Jillian Nance, Writer

The Madison Public Library wants summer volunteers! It’s located right next to the school and has a great staff. It is open to anyone in grades 7-12. The work you will be doing ranges from shelving books to working with kids.

You have to be committed to be a summer volunteer. Over the course of the summer, you must work a minimum of 20 hours. In addition to this, you must assist at one children’s program and attend a teen program. Some of the teen programs include an Escape Room, a Bob Ross Paint-Along, and Trivia. There is also mandatory Teen Advisory Group meetings once a month. These dates are May 8th, June 5th, and July 10th. Volunteers can suggest any teen program they like at these meetings.

Two volunteers at the library, Elliana Carter and Ife Ayileka, shared some of their volunteering experiences. Elliana has volunteered at the library for a little over a year so far, and said that she “enjoys not only getting to meet tons of new people, but doing all sorts of tasks to help around the library.” She said that she is “mainly an introvert,” but that the library has improved her confidence and allowed her to “grow into someone better.” Ife also says that her confidence has improved because of working at the library, and she mentions that she specifically loves to work the events. She also says that she has “had many good memories [at the library.]”

You can pick up an application at the Madison Public Library at 142 Plaza Blvd. They must be turned into Lisa Blackmon or Eileen Drummond by May 1st. There is a form, two references, and short essay. If accepted, you must attend a volunteer training on May 8th. If you have any questions feel free to contact the library or me personally. We look forward to many new faces for the summer of 2019!