Finals Cram Time

Rachel Goldsmith, Writer

It’s the end of the year, and it’s time to cram into your head all the information from over the semester. Your teachers told you to retain the information and not just memorize it, but why listen to them when you can just as easily throw everything out the window? Ms. Tarter said, “Shoot for the gold,” but why shoot for the gold when you can shoot for the bronze?

Throughout the semester, you keep telling yourself that you’ll study later. Well, students, I am here to tell you that it is now “later.” We have arrived. It’s time to shove all those equations, all that vocabulary, all those dates into your head, and keep them there until the test season has mercifully left you.

Rather than play video games, how about you sit by the window and read a nice, big math book. That will solve all your problems. Instead of shopping online, login to quizlet and memorize all that Spanish your teachers told you that you should already know. Time is flying.

Senior Faith Ward spoke for many students when she said, “I hope I pass.”

Whether you are a freshmen who is nervous about your first end of the year finals or a sophomore who thinks that you have everything figured out; whether you’re a junior who just wants the year to be over with or a senior who is barely coming to school and is just counting down the days until you graduate (23 ½ school days, 39 days including weekends), you are almost done.

You’ve almost made it. You’re so close.