Getting Bored?

Emma Leigh Wright, Writer

After a few days out of school, you may find yourself getting bored. If you’ve exhausted everything Netflix has to offer, you might want to get out of the house. Here are a few suggestions:

Make it a point to check out local parks. Check out downtown Huntsville’s Big Spring Park’s calendar of events for outdoor concerts and food trucks. You can rent bicycles and just ride around, or you can bring a blanket and have a picnic with friends.

Looking for a place that gives you a challenge or gives you the feeling you’re a special agent trying to solve a case? Visit Huntsville’s very own Escape Room facility! Huntsville Escape Rooms is a place that has interactive and immersive experience for you and a team of people, normally consisting of four to seven people, you and your friends or family is put up to the challenge on escaping the room you’re placed in using a variety of puzzles, clues, and challenges in a situation of your choosing, each one range in escape rate and difficulty. Each room has its own unique story, and it’s your job to solve the mystery.

If you like sports, check out Top Golf or maybe try a new sport like disc golf. There’s a public disc golf trail near the Indian Creek greenway. You can swim at Dublin Park and the Huntsville Aquatic Center, or make the trek to Point Mallard. The Madison Bowling Alley and Insanity Skate Park also offer hours of entertainment.

For those of you who love the outdoors, do not worry, NACK and Brown Bear Kayak offer float trips down the Flint River. This is an easy float, and you don’t have to have any prior experience to enjoy it. North Alabama Canoe and Kayak or NACK and Brown Bear Kayak and Canoe offer 5 to 8-mile trips. It’s perfect for relaxing. If you want to do even more outdoors, go hiking with a group of friends. Rainbow Mountain is just off Hughes Road, but you can also visit Monte Sano Mountain or other Land Trust Trails. You could also go biking or roller-blading along the area’s greenways.

Are video games more your thing? Check out Rocket City Arcade or Pints and Pixels. Both places have classic arcade games and pinball games, and they both have excellent air-conditioning, which is perfect if you’re trying to beat the heat.

Looking for a more artsy experience? Consider visiting Lowe Mill ARTS & entertainment.  There are small shops within the facility that are locally owned. “The goal of Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment is to nurture artists while educating the public about art and the creative process, Mill has established a community where artists, in a working studio environment, are able to create, display, and sell their work; and the public has the opportunity to visit, view, learn, and acquire work by local artists” (Lowe Mill Mission statement). It’s a fun place to take photos, have a snack, and just walk around. Lowe Mill also has concerts and special events, so this is another calendar you might want to check out.

Regardless, make the most of your summer by getting out and about in your community and enjoying everything our area has to offer.