Buy a T-shirt and Support Mrs. Tarter

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Buy a T-shirt and Support Mrs. Tarter

Mrs. Tarter's students, Writer

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A note from Mrs. Tarter’s students:

Let’s show our love and support for Ms. Tarter as she battles cancer by raising money to support the Baja Missions.

Why Baja Missions?  For the last 15 or more years, Ms. Tarter has devoted her summers traveling to Baja and giving back to their local churches and especially the children that live there.  Many of Ms. Tarter’s Patriot Paths at BJHS are devoted to help prepare the arts and craft projects that she and others use during Vacation Bible Schools. The Baja Missions program is something that is very near and dear to her heart, so we cannot think of a better way to show her our love and support for her than giving back to something that means so much to her.

All shirts are $20 and 100% of the profit will be going to the Baja Missions to create a “Teresa Tarter Education Fund.”

The T-Shirts will be Kentucky Blue with white lettering.  A picture of the front is attached and the back will list the TOP 10 TARTERISMS!!

Side note: We will place the first order for shirts on Friday afternoon, so please have your shirt ordered using the link no later than NOON on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th.


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