SGA Crush Soda Sales


Brenna Oxley, Writer

Have a crush on somebody and don’t know how to tell them? SGA is selling Orange Crush Sodas as a way to help you confess your love to your crush.

The Crush Sodas are being sold during lunch until February 11th. They are only $1 and all proceeds go to Manna House. Send a Orange Crush Soda to your crush, significant other, friend, or yourself.

According to a survey, 23% of students will send one to a friend, 22% will send one to themselves, and 1% will send one to Rishish Narahar. Rishish set the record last year for the most soda cans given to one person. He received 365 sodas last year as a joke from his friends. Will you beat his record this year?  Buy yours today!