Was Fall Break Broken?


Alexia Elitzer, Writer

Since the pandemic, people have had their spring break, summer, and fall break vacations canceled or modified. Also a few months ago we could not leave our state.  Did the pandemic affect fall break plans?

 The Los Angeles Times advised people to ask themselves a few questions before traveling. “Do you have any health problems that can get yourself even sicker? Is this trip urgent? If your trip is just for pleasure, then you should not go on vacation.” 

Some students missed out on big trips. Sierra Warner stated, “I was going to go to Hawaii, but due to COVID, we canceled the plans.” Other students traveled. With Florida reopening almost everything, several students took advantage of it. Catherine Gagne stated, “I went to Disney over fall break.”

Some students had legitimate reasons to travel. Keegen Vest stated, “ I [traveled] to Illinois to see my aunt have a baby.”

Other students decided to stick close to home.  Trinity Webber stated, “ I [went] to Tate Farms.” Emma Kate Lindsey stated, “I ha[d] no plans. My family is waiting to travel until it is safer due to COVID. However, my plans for spring break last year were canceled and that stunk.”

If you have to travel in the future, consider driving rather than flying. You are at a higher risk to get sick on a plane because there are a lot of people in a small space. According to Business Insider, “passengers have an 80% chance of getting Covid on an airplane.” Traveling in a car is much safer than traveling on an airplane.