4 Tactful Time Management Tips for Virtual Learning


Luna McCostlin, Writer

Schoolwork can be tough, but you wanna know what’s even more tough? Managing your time. But not to worry! With these tips to help you manage your time between school and your personal life, hopefully you’ll get things done a lot more quickly and smoothly.

     Set Up a Schedule

Let’s say that you had all this time to do your work. Your essay is about to be overdue in twenty minutes and now you’re rushing to get it done. Setting up a schedule can help prioritize your work. It can also help you remember to do your work in a timely manner so that you’re not starting on your essay twenty minutes before it’s overdue.

     Do What’s Easier First

If you’re struggling on an assignment(s), come back to it later and do the stuff that’s easier for you to complete. When you’re back on the assignment(s) you were struggling on before, ask for help from the people around you, look for answers on the internet (unless you’re planning to cheat), and/or look back on your notes if they are any help for you.

     Avoid Distractions

Things such as loud noise, video games, and family members may get in the way of the path to get your work done. If possible, avoid the things that prevent you from doing your schoolwork. Go somewhere where it’s quiet and distraction-free. Restrain yourself from procrastinating on your work and stay focused. If barely anything distracts and/or bothers you at all, then keep working!

     Don’t Overwork Yourself

Even though it’s important to get things done, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take a break if you need to. Do something to soothe your mind. Meditate, listen to some music, get a refreshment, and then get back on track.