Film & Animation: A Creative Outlet


Zach Persons, Writer

Film & Animation meets every Wednesday after school. The club currently meets virtually, but they plan to meet in person in C126 occasionally. Students can get the virtual meeting information from Mrs. Panagos or the club members.

Ruby Ingram, co-president of Film & Animation, stated, “What I like most about F&A is getting to collaborate with other members.” She said that getting to see and learn from everyone’s creativity is a valuable part of improving one’s skillset. “Collaborating with other members in this club over the years has definitely helped me improve my skills, and I even ended up with some cool friendships!”

This year, the club will move focus to smaller projects, letting students work on films and animations safely. Though it is helpful to have your own computer and software, there are several activities that don’t require it. When students meet in person, they will have access to the Mac lab, drawing tablets, and cameras in C126. You can check out a sample of student work by click HERE.