Kick It With Taekwondo Club!

TKD club has a demonstration at a pep rally.

Christine Pham, Writer

Taekwondo Club has been a hot topic recently, as many students are looking for a way to be active after the long quarantine, but don’t want to be committed to a sports team everyday. Veteran members of the club have been asked to share more about their thoughts and experiences.

Yudam Jeong, the president of the club, shared, “Taekwondo Club provides students of all experience levels an opportunity to learn and improve their physical fitness, mental strength, and to grow as a person. Taekwondo is not just about learning cool kicks and how to break boards; it’s about learning respect, self-control, confidence, and compassion. Taekwondo Club helps you relieve stress, gives you better health, learn self-defense, and gives you a chance to meet friendly people in a positive and encouraging environment.

Taekwondo Club is open to everyone. Our practice/meeting is every Friday right after school to 4:30 pm at lower commons/small gym. No experience is necessary, so come join the Taekwondo club!”


Why did you join Taekwondo Club?

“I was in Taekwondo before, and I joined it because it was something I already did”- James

“I wanted share Korean traditional sports to people”- Yewon


What do you hope to gain out of this club?

“Make a few friends, stay healthy with daily, life changing exercises”- James


Did you have any experience in Taekwondo before joining this club?

“Yes”- All


How many years have you been in this club?

 “2 years”- Yewon

“2 years”- David

“3 or 4 years”- James


What is each meeting like?

“Usually it’s practicing for demonstrations, but sometimes it’s just practicing, kicks, and or forms”- James


What is the best part of being in TKD club?

“It’s very relaxing”- James

“You meet new people”- David


Are there any fun activities or special events the club does?

“We do demonstrations for the pep rally, and we also did one for the international festival”- James


What kind of leadership is in this club?

“We have our president, who organizes the pep rally and other demonstrations that we do, and then we have people who lead the actual activities for each day”- James